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WICTY Front Cover1When love turns to jealousy, when jealousy turns to rage, when rage turns to destruction…Laura was head over heels in love with Joe. But now Laura lies in a coma and Joe has gone missing. Was he the one who attacked her? Laura’s sister Tessie is selectively mute. She can’t talk but she can listen. And as people tell her their secrets, she thinks she’s getting close to understanding what happened on that fateful night.

We are delighted to welcome Faye Bird to the blog today with a brilliant guest post to kick off the blog tour for What I Couldn’t Tell You, an exciting YA thriller published earlier this year. Faye is sharing with us her top fictional inspirations:

I have to start this post with admitting that I’ve never been the best at pinning down my ‘top’ or ‘favourite’ anything. Ask me what my favourite kind of music is, my most loved film or TV programme and I’m likely to go momentarily quiet whilst my mind races through all the many possibilities I have lined up in my head; I usually find it very hard to make any outright choice.

When I visit schools to talk about how I came to be a writer and am asked by students during the Q&A what my favourite book is, I always say I have lots of favourite books. I run through some of the titles I’ve read and loved and explain why I think it a good thing to have many favourites; the fact that my most loved book this year may not be my most loved next year means I’m reading and discovering new books all the time. It means there is always the possibility for the new, and that surely is an inspiring thought, a good thing.

So, when it came to writing this post and naming my top fictional inspirations I found myself having a similar dilemma. There are so many books that have inspired me, and all at different times in my life and for different reasons, so which ones to pick? And where to start…?

I’ve chosen two titles – one from childhood and one from adulthood – that have inspired and influenced me as a reader and as a writer, and as a snapshot if you like into the list inside my head.

A big thank you in advance for Powered by Reading allowing me share these with you today!

Danny The Champion of the World – It really could have been any one of the many Roald Dahl titles I adored growing up, but for me Danny and his relationship with his Dad in particular, has always made this book stand out for me. The conversations they have in the caravan when it’s just the two of them, particularly the one after Danny’s Dad sees that he’s been punished at school with the cane as they prepare to fill the raisins, is so beautifully and simply realized that when I read it again with my own children it moved me in the same way it did when I’d first read it as a child. For all of this it has a very special place in my heart.

The Lovely Bones – I was completely taken by the way Alice Sebold writes this story in the first person. The fact that our narrator, Susie Salmon, continues to tell us her story after she is so brutally murdered in the opening pages of the book struck me as a thing of brilliance. In spite of the horror of her murder in these opening pages, which is not in any way an easy read, I love that Sebold rewards the reader with the perspective that Susie brings – life through death, death through life. And I was gripped by the way the story evolves into both an emotional family story and a crime story. I came late to this novel, but it certainly inspired me to write my first book, My Second Life, and as I think about it now perhaps it also subconsciously had an influence on What I Couldn’t Tell You, in as much as it is in essence both a crime story and a family drama. 

Thank you Faye! I loved My Second Life and after looking forward to reading What I Couldn’t Tell You it didn’t disappoint, a brilliant and thrilling read!

Information about the book

 Title: What I Couldn’t Tell You

Author: Faye Bird

Release Date: May 1 2016

Genre: YA Thriller

Publisher: Usborne

Format: Paperback



Author information

faye bird

Faye writes fiction for young adults. Before becoming a writer she worked as a literary agent representing screenwriters in film and TV. She studied Philosophy and Literature at Warwick University, but has otherwise always lived in London, and still does now. Her second novel, What I Couldn’t Tell You, was published on 1 May 2016.



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