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Book review — Dylan the Doctor by Guy Parker-Rees

dylanThis book is just joyous, and as I read it for the first time it reminded me what fun it is to read books out loud. Aren’t they the best type of children’s books, the ones that have a lovely rhythm that make reading them so enjoyable, and just for a moment you get to be silly and carefree? So, on my second read I did read Dylan the Doctor out loud, to my daughter who is now too old (one might think) for picture books and yet we both really enjoyed the wonderful cadence of the words and giggled at Dylan’s friend having an illness called ‘head-shoulders-knees-and-toes-itis’.

Book review — Yours Sincerely, Giraffe by Megumi Iwasa (author) and Jun Takabatake (illustrator)

Yours sincerely giraffeAs we reach roughly the middle of the school holidays, what complaint are you hearing most from your children? My guess is that they are bored! Which makes this gorgeous little book the perfect read for this time of year (unless you are on a lovely holiday right now, in which case save it for when you get back…). It tells the tale of Giraffe, a very bored giraffe, who opens the book by addressing the reader asking: ‘Tell me, how do you spend your days?’ And then goes on to tell his tale of just how he stopped being bored…

Book review — The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight by Helen and Thomas Docherty

The Knight Who Wouldn't Fight1I can’t think of a book more suited to our blog than this one, and we are delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for it! As you will know (from the name of our blog…), we are ‘powered by reading’, and so is the knight in Helen and Thomas Docherty’s wonderful new book, The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight. Indeed, he takes his love of books far and wide, convincing an array of fearsome creatures that reading is better than fighting. This is a wonderful engaging book with beautiful illustrations that would be a pleasure for any child. A book that promotes reading gets a big thumbs up from us!

Favourite Early Years Books

collage 2 550 x 550
The other day we were having a sort out of books and making the difficult decision of which of my daughter’s younger books to keep (she has a lot, and there’s only so much bookcase space…). It was nice to look again at books we may not have read for a few years and going through them brought back some lovely  memories. We kept quite a few, but these six were at the top of our pile. What was interesting was that quite a few of the books that made an impression relate to big events, eg a first day at school or a wobbly tooth, or were just a lot of fun!

Video — Longbow Girl — medieval archers

Longbow-GirlI really enjoyed Longbow Girl by Linda Davies (see my review here) and the publication date is now upon us! It will be published by Chicken House tomorrow and is a highly recommended read. Excitingly I have a video to reveal where Linda talks about medieval archers, one of the aspects of the book I found really interesting. It’s always a bonus when a book is not only a great read but also has an educational aspect as well.   The time travel element in Longbow Girl gave it an interesting historical angle with the story becoming increasingly immersive as that aspect unfolded. See below for a clip of Linda explaining how Welsh archers protected the Black Prince in 1346 and the connection with the Prince of Wales

Welcome to our blog. We are a mum and daughter who love books, and love reading books together. So, we thought we would share our thoughts on some of our favourite books. We’d like to hear what you think too, and any suggestions of new books for us to read.

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