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The Superpower ProjectOne of our favourite books last year was Lindsay Littleson’s – The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean, a Kelpies Prize winner. It is one of those ‘quiet’ books that you come across by accident and are then amazed that it isn’t at the top of the bestseller lists. So, having been impressed by the talented Lindsay, when the opportunity arose to review Kelpies Prize shortlisted author Paul Bristow’s book, The Superpower Project, I jumped at it.

Here’s the blurb…With the help of a wisecracking, steampunk robot, two accidental superheroes discover that they have inherited some amazing, if unusual, abilities. Computer whiz Megan can fly (mostly sleep-flying, but she’s working on it) while her best friend Cam can (in theory) transform into any animal, but mostly ends up as a were-hamster. Together they must protect the source of their ancestral powers from a wannabe evil mastermind and his gang of industrial transformer robots who’ve disguised themselves as modern art installations on their Greenock estate. It isn’t easy to balance school and epic super-battles, not to mention finding time to search for other super-talents and train with their Mr Miyagi-esque were-tiger coach. Can Megan and Cam beat the bad guy, defeat his robot transformers and become the superheroes they were born to be?

I’m going to keep an eye out for the Kelpies Prize shortlist because this book is another cracker! Funny and fast-paced but with characters you are really rooting for, it is a brilliant read. Kids with superpowers, maps and quests, robots! A recently exploded grandma! It really has all the elements for a fantastic middle grade book that will entrance any reader. I would hate to stereotype it because it really isn’t gender-specific, and of course main character Megan is a superhero who can fly (which I love!), but it would be brilliantly exciting for any boys aged 8-12 who aren’t so keen on reading, but equally both I and my keen reader daughter loved it as well. Can’t wait to read whatever Paul has planned next.

Information about the book

Title: The Superpower Project

Author: Paul Bristow

Publication date: 18 Feb 2016

Genre: Middle-grade hilarious tongue-in-cheek superhero mash up with a dangerous twist!

Format: paperback

Publisher: Floris Books

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About the author

Paul Bristow has written for radio and television as well as running community projects, including the development of a social enterprise to encourage the use of graphic novels in the classroom. His first children’s novel, The Superpower Project, was shortlisted for the Kelpies Prize 2014. Paul is fascinated by Scotland’s mysterious history, including that of his hometown of Greenock, Scotland, where, in his day job, he manages a (supposedly) haunted building. If he could have a superpower of his own, it would be reverse parking.



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