Book review — The Awkward Autumn of Lily McLean by Lindsay Littleson

Regular readers of our blog will recall that one of our favourite books of 2015 was Lindsay Littleson’s  Kelpies Prize winner The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean, which we thought was a perfect middle-grade book, and a great book for keen and reluctant readers alike. Well now there is a sequel, with Lindsay’s second book, The Awkward Autumn of Lily McLean.

So, what is the sequel about?  In the first book protagonist Lily has two brothers, Hudson and Bronx, and two sisters, moody teen Jenna and a little baby sister called Summer. Lily is older than Summer and her two brothers but Jenna is her nemesis. So when Jenna turns down her Gran’s offer to take her to Millport Lily goes instead. But the only problem is she’s hearing voices but she can’t really tell anyone can she? But after a while she is able to see the voice in a body, a body that she recognises, and she realises the danger she is in…In the sequel Lilly finds that telling people you hear voices doesn’t win you many friends. Especially when you’re starting high school. Especially when everyone thinks you’re just like your troublemaking big sister. Lily’s hoping to put all the madness of the previous summer behind her but with serious friend dramas, nasty rumours and a big sister who might end up in jail, the last thing Lily wants is to start up that weird psychic stuff again. But it might be her only hope…

So what did we think? Well, we weren’t disappointed, The Awkward Autumn of Lily McLean is just as good as the first book, with lots of laugh out loud moments and a fun read with twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. Starting high school is a tricky time, and there’s lots for young readers to identify with here, not least friend dramas. It works as a standalone book, but even better as a follow on after reading The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean.

We received a copy of The Awkward Autumn of Lily McLean from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Information about the book

Title: The Awkward Autumn of Lily McLean

Author: Lindsay Littleson

Publisher: Floris Books

Format: Paperback

Date published: 16 March 2017

About the author

Lindsay Littleson is a primary school teacher in Renfrewshire, Scotland. Since taking up writing for children in early 2014 she has published a short story with Walker Books, in addition to winning the Kelpies Prize with her first children’s novel, The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean.

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