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Have you heard about the exciting new middle grade fantasy series, Defender of the Realm? We are very pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for the first book in the series and authors Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler have kindly written a great guest post for us on their five favourite things about the main characters Alfie and Hayley. You can read more about Defender of the Realm here. And now over to Mark and Nick…

Mark and Nick’s five favourite things about Alfie

  • His ability to put his foot in his mouth and say the wrong thing at the worst possible moment.
  • He is not interested in being famous (but being born a royal he has no choice about it).
  • His sense of right and wrong – he may not be a natural hero, but when he sees someone being bullied, he can’t just look the other way.
  • His rebellious nature. Alfie’s ironic sense of humour conceals a strong will. He wants to do things his own way.
  • His growing courage – when we first meet Alfie he’s scared of pretty much everything. But by the time his friends and family are in mortal danger, he throws himself into danger to save them.

Mark and Nick’s five favourite things about Hayley

  • She’s tough and independent. Her life has never been easy, but she doesn’t complain, she just does what she needs to do.
  • How well she looks after her gran. No matter how hard it gets, she would never abandon her. Loyalty is big thing for her.
  • Hayley says what she thinks. Even when she finds herself surrounded by intimidating grown ups, like the Lord Chamberlain, she’s not shy.
  • Hayley is feisty and her temper can get her into troubIe.
  • She’s hard to impress. Alfie might be a king and a superhero, but it’ll take a lot more than that to impress Hayley.

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